Our Team

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Sharvesh Leatchmanan 

Co-Founder & Editor

Sharvesh is a MA student in Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies and the Co-Founder & Editor of Minority Voices (@minorityvoices & minorityvoices.net) a social media platform that raises awareness about the ongoing racism that ethnic minority populations face in Singapore. His research interests lies in the intersections of sexual racism, erotic capital and the emotional well-being of BIPOC folk. With a background in guidance and counseling, and the performing arts, he is motivated by unearthing personal narratives of the lived experiences of marginalized folk, and using them to educate, cultivate and inspire people to adopt anti-racist attitudes to build a more inclusive society that recognizes and celebrates its differences.

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Veena Tadikonda



Veena is currently a law student at Durham University who intends to specialize in human rights and climate change. She is keen on the improvement of law enforcement and legislative reform and is also passionate about politics, dismantling racism as well as discrimination of any kind. Ultimately, she aspires to make an impact on a global scale by working in governmental organisations and eventually aims to join the United Nations to support and aid people around the world who are in need of help.